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User panel

Mass orders

For bulk delivery, mass orders reduce time.

User API

Your panel can be used as a provider by other panels.


Using various languages makes your panel users understand very easily.

RTL support

Helps translate your languages i.e. right-to-left support for languages like Spanish, French, etc.

Mobile friendly

Panels are so convenient that they can be easily handled and used on mobile devices.

Order history

Helps to keep track of the previous orders in one place.

Deposit history

History of users' information can be seen on adding funds to the accounts.

Password reset

Users can easily restore and reset forgotten passwords.

Time zone setup

Helps you to change the time zone setting easily on your panel.

User notifications

Important information can be shared with panel users.

Ticket system

Support tickets help users to communicate with panel admins.


Various types

Help panel admins to sell a huge amount of various types of services.

Service descriptions

Make users easier to understand the types of services.

Service categories

All services are kept disciplined and organized neatly by creating categories.


A strong feature to handle auto likes, auto views, etc.


An order refill can be done manually or by a provider besides paid refill.

Import from providers

Services can be imported from providers who use the platform.

Sync with providers

Sync items with the providers who use our platform, like rates, min & max limits, statuses, etc.


Speed up your customer's social media engagement.

Average time

Your order history will determine the average order processing time.


Customer orders are completed despite having several unsubscribers.


Allow users to order multiple items of the set value.

Deny duplicates

Users are restricted to place multiple orders with the same link.

Bulk actions

Bulk actions such as user, service, ticket, order, and subscription management can be done simultaneously at one go.

Cancel services

Services can be canceled easily which you don't want to offer anymore.

Start count parsing*

Before ordering the service, the initial amount of items are determined to track down the quantity that remains to add. (Paid feature)


This feature continuously monitors the present orders count and updates the order status automatically when it's done. (Paid feature)

Accept payments

80+ payment methods

This platform offers 80+ payment methods incorporated to meet our customers' necessities.

Currency conversion

We provide payment choices that are accessible for conversion from different currencies.

Min & max payment amount

You have the option to fix min & max payment amounts for every method applied to your panel.

Payment bonuses

Rewards are given to the customers who add funds using different payment methods.

Manage payments

Payments can be added manually and cut balances as well.

Export payments

Payment data can be exported easily in XML, CSV, JSON formats and have customizable columns.

Order processing

Unlimited providers

You may include multiple providers without being charged extra for that.

Provider balance check*

You can monitor all your connected providers' balances in one place. *The balance data transfer feature must be supported by the provider's API.

Auto and manual modes

Any APIs can either be connected for automated order processing or manually manage orders.

Export orders

Order data can be exported in XML, CSV, JSON formats and the columns can be customized as well.

Resend orders

The choice to resend an order is consistently accessible if something turns wrong.

Cancel & refund

You may cancel particular orders whenever you want by giving refunds.

Partial quantity

You may set the partial quantity of items that are left to be added to a specific order.

Smart count

For a specific order, you may set the primary quantity of items to begin the counting from.

Status change

You can manually change the order statuses whenever you want.

Edit links

Edit links are just a few clicks away in particular orders.

Admin API

Helps the panel admin to automate plenty of tasks.

Refill management

Help admins to process hassle-free refill orders.

Drip-feed management

You have the choice to change order status or cancel orders and refund for the respective drip-feed at once.

Subscription management

You can change the order status or statuses for individual or multiple subscriptions at the same time by checking order details.

User management

Create user accounts

All registered users show up naturally yet you can always manually create user accounts.

Custom rates

Custom rates can be set up easily for every user.

Bulk custom rates resets

Admins can reset custom rates at once for several users.

Copy rates

Help admins to duplicate rates starting with one user then onto the next or from one user to several users at the same time.

Amount spent

The amount spent by the users on their panel can be monitored by the admins.

Allowed payment methods

Payment methods that are allowed on the panel can be set up for every individual user.

Suspend users

Admins have the option to suspend panel users with just a few clicks.

Export user

User data can be exported in XML, CSV, JSON formats and have the option to customize columns.

Access rules

Panel access rules can be edited easily: activities that users are permitted to perform.

Email address confirmation

Enable required email address affirmation for users after signing up.

Visual editor

Public pages

Pages that are visible to the visitor of the panel.

Internal pages

Pages that are visible only to signed-in users.

Custom pages

Public and internal pages can be added with adaptable blocks and can be edited progressively.

Hide pages

Make some pages invisible to users during editing.

Block types

Provides plenty of various block types that we keep updating and expanding.

Block settings

Customize the block structure easily such as heights, etc. that suits your panel.

Duplicate blocks

Have the option to duplicate blocks whenever you need with just one click to save time.

Block background

Customize the background of each block by adding particular color, customizable image, and pattern to make your panel attractive.

Block styles and elements

You can customize every block and can add elements as much as you need to make your panel lucrative.


Dividers and color gradients can be added to separate blocks from one another.

Text blocks

Content can be added to the panel using ready-made text blocks for the visitors.

Text editor

Customize and modify the text inserted on each panel block and view the outcomes en route.


Likable fonts can be chosen from the Google fonts library that is available for different languages.

Random content

To make the panel unique, we set a bunch of various content options for all blocks.

Content variety

A wide variety of content is put together to make the panel presentable.

Forms & buttons

For easier navigation, several different forms and buttons are added to the panel for the users.


A super convenient navigation bar is set to the panel for customers.

Navbar logo

A brand name image or a text logo can easily be created and placed accordingly using the edit, stretch, and rotate option.


You can make the best features visible to the customers.

How it works

Explain the method of how to place orders on your panel to customers.


Include reviews and testimonials from panel users to gain trust.


Provide appropriate answers to the most frequently asked questions on your panel.


Footer contains proof that the content of your panel is your intellectual property.

Video blocks

Appropriate video blocks can be added according to your panel design.

Embedded videos

Links of the embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos can be added to the panel.


Several different types of links are supported such as external sources, panel pages or blocks with anchor links.

Components & styles

Customize forms, tables, buttons, typography, etc. using global components of the panel's active style.

Custom themes

The themes of the panel can be customized according to your choice to make the panel attractive.

Theme styles

You can easily switch to several theme styles without losing all edits.

Reset styles

You can quickly reset the style of the theme's present style to default.


Panel blocks or certain types of content elements can be easily rearranged inside the blocks.


Various block elements can be positioned by choosing the right, left, or center.


All blocks with contents are adaptive by default, which looks perfect on different devices.

Icon library

A prominent library is taken from Font Awesome Icon set that provides solid, regular, light, duotone icons.

Image icons

Own image icons can be downloaded via File manager and can be resized and rotated to fit perfectly.

Pixabay integration

Creative Commons licenses enable you to choose, download images you like for free.

Color customization

Your color selection can be created to access easily and quickly whenever you need it.


Write posts of various types and publish them on your panel so that panel visitors can read.

Titles and meta descriptions

Titles and meta descriptions can be created for every individual panel page.

Image alt & title text

To ensure successful indexing of all images, alt and title text can be added.

H1, H2, H3 tags

To optimize pages for search engine robots, pages can be marked with tags.

Robots.txt & sitemap.xml

Automatic generation of the above-mentioned files helps to improve the SEO performance of your panel.



Keyword meta tags, descriptions, and title tags can be created for your panel.


A reader-friendly URL can be chosen so that your customers remember it easily.


The platform provides an automatic generation of sitemaps for every panel.


An automatic generation of Robot.txt files.

Google analytics

Google Analytics Tracking Code can be included in your panel.


Several blog posts can be created on your panel.


Payment reports

The platform automatically calculates and shows all payments of the user.

Order reports

Order reports help to keep you updated with your order data.

Ticket reports

Analyzing ticket reports make your panel more responsive than before.

Profit reports

Effectively monitor your profits in a single spot.

Admin options

Admin notifications

Help admins to stay updated on user activities, recent features, etc.

Activity log

All activities of the staff are tacked so that admin can monitor easily.

Night mode

The night mode option can be enabled by the admins whenever they need it.

Extra modules

Affiliate system

A shared program to boost up your client base.

Child panel selling

Sell panels at cheaper rates to your customers where your panel will act as an only service provider.

Free balance

After signing up, a one-time free balance amount can be set for new panel users as a gift.

Ticket assignment

One or multiple tickets can be assigned to any or one staff account from the ticket list.


Content delivery network

Proxy servers, deployed at several locations, help to reduce download times.

Unlimited bandwidth

You won't have to pay an extra amount based on the number of visitors or traffic to your panel.


Partake in a steady and trusted SMM panel performance that is impervious to DDoS assaults.

Free SSL certificate

Each panel has a free SSL certificate of 256-bit to secure your customer data.


Your domain can be used or buy a new one with our help if needed.

Regular backups

Securely stores all your data for further use during emergencies.


Google Analytics

Tools like statistics and basic analytical tools are integrated which helps in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes of the panel.

Google Tag Manager

Simple tag management solutions help you to manage all your website tags without editing code.

Get site control

Assists you with keeping site guests from leaving your site without making a move.

Get Button

Takes the visitors of the site straight to the messaging app on desktop or mobile devices.


In-app notification center, widgets, and changelog help to declare updates and get feedback.

Announce Kit

Effectively and adequately declare different updates and news to your customers.

Push Alert

Push notifications on desktop and mobile help in the reach increment, income, and re-target of customers.

One Signal

Pioneer in client engagement, driving mobile push, web push, email, in-app messages.

Jivo Chat

A business messenger to converse with clients via live chat, phone, email, and social media.


Monitor and communicate with the site visitors on your website, mobile app, or from a free customizable page.


Businesses communicator that has live chat, chatbots, Messenger, e-mail in one spot.

Zendesk Chat

Helps rapidly react to client requests, diminish stand-by times, and increment sales.

Smart supp

A client messaging platform that has the options of live chat, email inbox, and Facebook Messenger.


An exceptionally useful multi-channel messaging platform that associates companies and clients.

Facebook Chat

Help your client directly with Facebook Messenger from your panel.

Whatsapp Chat Button

Support panel users through the Whatsapp app on desktop or mobile devices.